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Patented Skin care for ALL skin types.


All Day wearable cosmetics

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Shadowsense Eyeshadow

This cream to powder eye shadow comes in 21 colors with both matte and shimmer options! Shadowsense is jam packed with anti aging benefits & as always, long lasting wear! 

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Customize your brow shape & define your best feature! Choose from: "Dark" for deep brown to black brows. "Taupe" for cool toned medium brown brows.  "Auburn" for warm toned medium brows. or "Light" for blonde brows! 

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This cream to powder blush is highly pigmented to highlight your cheeks! With 7 velvety color choices you'll enjoy a flawless finish only blushsense can give you!

Foundations that work to treat your skin while you wear it

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makesense foundation

This oil free & water resistant foundation comes in 16 color options that adapts to your skin's pigment for a perfect blend! SPF 30 mechanical shield provided when applied with Senegence Daytime Moisturizer.


Anti Aging Makesense foundation

Long lasting color technology along with anti aging Sene Plex Complex, Sene Shield & other active ingredients help to protect your skin while your wear this foundation. Available in 16 color options! 

Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer

Lightweight tinted moisturizer counteracts redness, can decrease sun and age spots while offering a mechanical shield of sun protection while self correcting to your skin tone, up to 3 shades.

lipsense Long lasting lip color 

Works while your wear to restore moisture to lips! Long lasting wear for 4-18 hours & over 50 colors to choose from!

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