We love Musicians

No really... we do! We love all creatives, but we have a special place in our hearts for musicians, they just sing to us, get it? get it? We recently has the opportunity to have Na-G in to shoot this awesome cover of " How Far I'll Go" ( Disney's Moana) ft Bri Ray! Make sure you take a look & give the boy some love!! 

Be More Lifestyle Collection Introduces Be More Studios

Center Style Studios was established in March of 2016 by Be More Collection owner, Tara Brooke & her co owner Ashley Rae. They each wanted a place to use their talents to cultivate their craft! Cue Center Style Studio, a natural light studio based downtown Provo, Ut. It quickly evolved into a space that they could rent out to other creatives & eventually became the headquarters of Be More Collection! As the Be More Collection grew from just clothing into a larger collection, now including beauty & lifestyle, Tara realized that Center Style Studio needed to grow and change with the Be More brand. Cue Be More Studios! Be More Studios will now be Be More Collection HQ and as it has been a natutral light studio! 

Tara Brooke has this to say about the change, "I am so excited for the growth of the Be More Collection & the adoption of Be More Studios. We have big plans for a lot of growth & the change from Center Style Studio to Be More Studios is the first step! My goal for Be More as a brand started as I wanted to help creative women find a way to become self sufficient through their talents.  As it has evolved, I want Be More to be a place for any creatives who need a little direction, a place to create or a reminder that they are not alone in their pursuits! I hope the community that Be More hopes to cultivate will help everyone involved to be able to grow & learn from each other & to continue to cultivate their talents with the support of like minded people. Together we are better. Give more to your talents, live more with the opportunities you are working for, and be more with us here at Be More Collection."

You heard it here first folks! Be More Studios is open for business & we would love to have you in our space for your creative needs, photo & video shoots, small events, workshops & more! Send us an email to book your session today! Make sure to ask for multi hour & educational discounts! 

Contact us at support@bemorecollection.com