Business Babe Consulting with MTB

Do you have an idea, or a passion that you KNOW you can monetize? But you just don’t know where to start? Is your business running your life? You are running like mad to keep up with the day to day, constantly putting out fires? Feeling like a hot.mess.express, shutting down completely?! Been there! From the bottom to the tip top! You’re NOT alone, and you don’t have to navigate it all alone!

Whether it’s an idea you want to get off the ground, have already started, or your are an established growing business: if you are feeling like you’re grasping at straws, trying to Keep it together on the daily, you’re apart of the norm. Yes, I said it, most likely, the business you are idolizing, wishing to be? They are likely figuring it out as they go as well!! New business are starting daily, instagram is constantly growing, the internet is the Wild Wild West & its a GIFT! On the flipside can also be overwhelming trying to navigate it all!! Insert Me!


Hi, I’m Tara Brooke, and I have been there!! Navigating business practices while building your empire and keeping your, ahem, “stuff” together is a more than full time job! So who am I, and how can I help you?! I have facilitated multiple passion projects: from running a blog, and cultivating a clothing collection, to personal fashion styling & hair styling businesses. Running & growing multiple (like 5ish, yes all my own) social media accounts at once, for each project I was building. To having a physical photography studio turned creative space & event’s venue and then walking away from it ALL. I’ve gone through all the junk in dream & business building so I am here to help YOU so you don’t have to do it alone.

You may feel stuck, like you’re constantly playing catch up, like you are drowning in what was supposed to be a fun and meaningful project that would give you freedom to do more or give more to the world. If any of this rings true for you, I am here, and you are NOT alone! I want to help you take your projects, your ideas & your already killer business to a place where you can enjoy what you do (most days) and to help you run your business so it can stop running you into the ground!



💫 Project Execution with Palatable Breakdown

💫 Systems Planning & Organization

💫 Customer Service Systemization Options

💫 Accountability Coaching

💫 Mentorship

💫 Access to a community of other Business Babes



👆🏼We will start with an initial questionnaire to assess your needs!

👋🏼We will then schedule our consultation! Can’t wait to meet you babe!

👏🏼At our in person or FaceTime consultation we will, together, game plan the steps and project needs to get your business from running your life!

🙌🏼 After our consultation I will send a comprehensive look at our project execution overview with completion dates & work our way backward!

👊🏼 We will have bi monthly check ins on projects & you and I will work together on asset needs to get projects done!



Are you are feeling lost or overwhelmed in your project or business? Do you feel like you are drowning in the day to day BUT are wanting to do more? Are you unsure of what to do next or HOW to take the next step in your life and business?! I’m here for you!


Your Initial consultation is $75 & will be done in person or via FaceTime. Project Execution Packages start at $250 based on needs. Limited Space for One-On-One Consulting & Mentorship starting at $650/month.

Payment Plans Available by request.


Tara is fantastic at what she does!! She’s helped me in so many areas of my business over the years! She is honest and straightforward. She CARES! Her insights, direction and tips have been invaluable!

Tara was such a pleasure to work with! When I came to her I felt like a puddle on the floor not knowing what to do with my dreams much less my life! She empowered me and helped me to see my potential. She provided me with all the tools I needed to get started and kept me accountable!

When I first approached Tara, I was really discouraged...She helped me to come up with a game plan to help me reach my goals, she followed up with me numerous times in the weeks to follow to check in. I’d recommend Tara to anyone who feels like they’re in a rut with their personal goals and/or business. She will help you to get to the next level!!

I had so many amazing ideas but I had no idea how to organize or execute them! I sat down with Tara for an hour and she helped me map out my goals which made them feel so much more attainable!!