In all you do… OWN IT


Oh Hey! I'm Miss Tara Brooke!!  Thanks for being here! I am a Momma Hustler w/ a LOT of opinions, & happy to share them with you solicited or not!

I started my hustle w/ my Be More Collection, a collection of clothing & accessories, in May of 2015. I was a single babe expecting my first lil one, following my fashion inspired dreams in a hope to inspire my daughter to one day, follow her own passions. In the spring of 2016 I added to my collection & opened a small natural light studio in Provo, UT. This doubled as a space to grow my Be More Collection, host creative workshops & for creatives to film or photograph their vision in the natural light space. That Summer, I integrated my, (at that time) 6 year strong, Beauty Business w/ the addition of SeneGence Int'l! Momma just don't stop.

6 months later, still single, (to catch y'all up, we are in the Spring of 2017), w/ a 1.5 year old & a crazy vision, I took a maj' leap & w/ help of my business partner opened a MASSIVE space for local creatives to rent & utilize a natural light studio, host large events & have a creative workspace. Mid working on building this vision, (like literal building... I laid hardwood floors. Yeah, I'm as shocked as you), I met my main man, Cameron, my now husband. We quickly, like VERY quickly got hitched & in the summer of 2018 we had a baby boy. Life changed quick, like whoa, & I made the choice to step away from my creative space to focus on momming.

So here we are now, I'm working my beauty business, doing hair clients in my KITCHEN (something I swore I wouldn't ever do, like ever), hustling with creative content projects w/ a growing client list, occasional coaching, with my boss babes, at Alison's Brand School, giving unsolicited advice and opinions on all things life to anyone who'll listen & all along w/ that, being a full time momma & wife & friend & human. You know the life balance (LOL balance). 

My life experience as an ever evolving business owner & unmarried single mom, helped me redefine my confidence & accept myself where I was, where I am, and where I am headed in this life.

If you're here, thank you for letting me continue to share my story, struggles & successes with you. I hope to inspire & uplift this social community to do whatever it takes to never stop dreaming. Build your empire, be your truest self & keep building a life you are proud of no matter where you are today. Give this life everything you've got, keep moving forward & believe, today you are enough, today and everyday.