It’s Ya girl, MTB: Miss Tara Brooke


Oh Hey! I'm Miss Tara Brooke!! Thanks for being here! I am a Business Coach to busy women looking to align their lives & businesses. My mission is to help women become self sufficient through their talents & passions & create alignment in their life and business. You don’t have to sacrifice either to live your dream.

I started my hustle w/ my Be More Collection, a collection of clothing & accessories, in May of 2015. I was a single babe expecting my first lil one following my fashion inspired dreams, in a hope to inspire my daughter to one day, follow her own passions. In the spring of 2016 I added to my collection & opened a small natural light studio in Provo, UT. This doubled as a space to grow my Be More Collection, host creative workshops & for creatives to film or photograph their vision in the natural light space. That Summer, I integrated my, (at that time) 6 year strong, Beauty Business w/ the addition of selling multi level marketing make up & skine care.

6 months later, in the Spring of 2017, as a single mom of a 16 month old, I took a maj' leap & w/ help of my business partner opened a MASSIVE space for local creatives to rent & utilize a natural light studio, host large events & have a creative workspace. Mid working on building this vision, (like literal building... I laid hardwood floors. Yeah, I'm as shocked as you), I met my main man, Cameron, my now husband. We quickly, like, 6 months after meeting, quickly got hitched & in the summer of 2018 we had a baby boy. Life changed quick, like whoa, & I made the choice to step away from my creative space to focus on mommin’ & try to adjust to 2 under 3 and a new husband.

In the fall of 2018, while in the thick of my strussle ( the stress hustle). I was failing as a mom, a wife, a friend. I was utilizing every skill I had acquired over the previous decade to financially contribute to my family. And then, I hit a BIG ol wall. I was spread too thin. Everyday I wished for more capacity to give to my family.

So… I quit. Everything. Literally, EVERYTHING that I was doing to make money, I quit. I spent 6 week’s in hard core “HOW DO I LIVE MY DREAM” mode and once I found tools to give me that dream, I moved into application phase! I began implementing every shift & tool I had acquired to create the life I was craving so badly!

Over the last year I have spent my time aligning my life & business and teaching the tools I have cultivated to my Business Babe clients & friends.

If you're here, thank you for letting me continue to share my story, struggles & successes with you. I hope to inspire, educate & uplift women in this world to do whatever it takes to create & live their dream life. Build your empire, be your truest self & keep building a life you are proud of no matter where you are today. Give this life everything you've got, keep moving forward & believe, today you are enough, today and everyday.