Are you feeling like you are going through the motions in your day to day life?

Do you feel like there is more for you than your current reality?

Have you gotten lost in the Mom-Life, or that 9-5 daily grind?

Do you feel like there is more to your life than what you have today?


I did. 9 months ago I was going through the motions of my life, stress hustling trying to make ends meet, taking care of everyone around me, giving to their needs, building their dreams. One day I stopped and asked myself “is this all this life has for me?” I knew it wasn’t. I knew I wanted a change. I knew, living a life I loved depended on a change. So, I made a change. I changed my daily habits. I integrated small simple shifts to my daily life. And each and every day I discovered more about myself, and the world I was living in. From there I created a life I wanted to live. A life I now love.

Now, I strive everyday to share THAT gift. This change was made by learning & implementing the tools I will teach you over 28 days. These daily challenges have been purposefully created to help you shift your habits & mindset, without hours of your day taken from you. These daily challenges, if applied, will help guide you toward a life alignment

My Goal & Promise for the “28 Days to a Truer You” Alignment Challenge:

I will help guide you toward your true self alignment. I will Support and assist you to the alignment in your life that can enable you to create the dream life you wish for.

The “28 Days to a Truer You” ALignment Challenge was created to help you:

  • Create habits to align your mind, body & life.

  • Identify & honor your inner voice.

  • Live with more intention each day.

  • Discover what living “your dream” means to you. And make steps toward that dream

  • Be more present in your life & choices.

  • Remember or discover the true, full, unapologetic love you that can give yourself.

How we will work to achieve this alignment:

⚡️28 intentional challenges including:

  • Focused weekly worksheets

  • 7 Guided meditations

  • Weekly challenges with dedicated journal prompts.

⚡️A Facebook support group to help encourage you along your way

⚡️Text Access to MTB for the 28 days of your challenge

If you commit fully & put in the daily work, you will feel a shift in your life. You will be closer to the feelings you seek.

That is my promise to you.

Are you ready to discover your Truest You?

“28 Day’s to a Truer You”

ALignment CHallenge.

Your truest you is waiting for you