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⚡️Is your business running your life?

⚡️Are you feeling like a, hiding from the real work?!

⚡️Been there babe! You’re no longer alone in your business woes.


Hey BB!

I’m Tara Brooke, or as my Business Babe friends call me, MTB.

Navigating business practices while building your empire and keeping your, ahem, “stuff” together is a more than full time job! And, chances are you’re already strapped for time as it is.

Do you feel stuck in what was supposed to be a fun and meaningful project that would give you freedom to do more or give more to the world?

Do you feel like you are spending a LOT of time fussing with your business without seeing results?

Are you moving forward without a clear path of where you’re headed or how to get there?

Are you watching other babes, and seeing their success & wishing you had your own?

Do you wish you had more financial security?

If any of this rings true for you, I am here to help you turn those business woes in to wow’s!


My mission:

help you use your talents & passions to help you create a meaningful & successful business that compliments the life you’ve been dreaming of. I do this through one-on-one coaching services that are specific to your personal needs.


What does MTB Mega One-on-One Coaching look like?


⚡️2 Bi-monthly 60 minute Action & Strategy Calls with evaluation of current needs

⚡️Personalized Action Plan Based on Strategy Call

⚡️Daily access to your coach for questions/needs/encouragement via text+MARCO POLO

⚡️Weekly Accountability checks

⚡️Monthly Group Coaching Call

⚡️FULL & Instant Access to MTB Business Resource Library

⚡️Marketing/Promotional asset revision + Product launch assistance

⚡️MTB Business Babe Mastermind Community Access

⚡️Monthly Group Goal Setting & Action Plan Coaching Session


Initial Consultation $120


Tara is fantastic at what she does!! She’s helped me in so many areas of my business over the years! She is honest and straightforward. She CARES! Her insights, direction and tips have been invaluable!

Tara was such a pleasure to work with! When I came to her I felt like a puddle on the floor not knowing what to do with my dreams much less my life! She empowered me and helped me to see my potential. She provided me with all the tools I needed to get started and kept me accountable!

When I first approached Tara, I was really discouraged...She helped me to come up with a game plan to help me reach my goals, she followed up with me numerous times in the weeks to follow to check in. I’d recommend Tara to anyone who feels like they’re in a rut with their personal goals and/or business. She will help you to get to the next level!!

I had so many amazing ideas but I had no idea how to organize or execute them! I sat down with Tara for an hour and she helped me map out my goals which made them feel so much more attainable!!

Need direction, but not ready for the one-on-one?

Join my self-coaching program:

“5 Week’s to Your Dream Life,” a 5 part training that concludes with a 30 minute Coaching Session

to round out your 5 weeks of intentional business training.