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⚡️Are you letting indecision hold you back from launching your dream business?

⚡️Do you have an idea for a product but you don’t know how to sell it to your warm audience?

⚡️Have you tried to launch a product & not Received the sales response you were hoping for?

⚡️Do you feel like with some guidance you TOO could have a profitable business?


I get it! You have amazing ideas! You KNOW your product can and will serve peoples lives. But you just can’t seem to make it happen the way you dream of!

There are a lot of babes slinging their stuff on the internet these days! Are you frustrated, exhausted, or unsure of how to make money online? I’ve got you boo!

I have had launches that have BOMBED and launches that have BOOMED! Me and my team of experts over at MTBBIZ have discovered a beautiful & easy to use formula for a seamless and profitable launch!

If you’re ready to turn your Inspired Idea into a profitable business, join me and my team of experts for a 6 week intensive mastermind experience!


“Inspired Idea 2 Profitable Product” Mastermind

a 6 week Mastermind Group Coaching experience That will lead you to a profitable & Seamless launch (or relaunch)!

At the end of the 6 weeks you will have:

  • The confidence to share your product with the world

  • A Social Media Strategy

  • Clarity in your message & story for your brand and business

  • A launch plan for selling your product with ease

  • A team of experts to suppoort you through your launch

Each week we will cover the following:

⚡️Week 1 - Mind over Matter: Getting your mind in the right place to put your product into the world.

⚡️Week 2 - Your Business Breakdown: We will dive into your inspired idea, your goals for your launch, where you are & where you want to be, pricing,

⚡️Week 3 - Meta Messaging: We will break down your message, your language, your story & how to effectively use it to sell.

⚡️Week 4 - Visual Branding Bonanza: Create a cohesive visual brand that expands in everything you do, share & create. + a Website Audit from our MTBBIZ Visual Branding Department

⚡️Week 5 - Social Media Power: We will create a social media strategy to build up your audience to be prepared to BUY, BUY, BUY the moment you put your product into your social media world!

⚡️Week 6 - Prepare for Launch 🚀: We will create a full launch plan & strategy moving backward from your launch date!

If you are ready to stop sitting on your ideas and take action on your Inspired idea. We are ready for YOU!


introductory pricing available for October 16th Session start

follow your inspiration all the way to the bank.