“Money Matters”

Finance Course with MTB


Last year at this time, good money felt like something only other people could make. I was working 6 different income streams to just make ends meet each month. Confused at my financial situation, I started crunching numbers & discovered that I was shocked at what I had found! Overworked & OBVIOUSLY underpaid, I got really serious about the life I wanted to live & took a hard look at what financial changes needed to be made in my life & business!

A year later, I have more than doubled my income and cut my work week in half! Money is constantly flowing into my life & business! & over the last 12 months I have shifted into taking my finances seriously & building MY dream business that compliments my lifestyle!

You deserve to be making a living that aligns with your lifestyle, not fighting for scraps day in & day out! Get into a serious relationship with money & take your money matters into your own hands! Make your money work for you & let it flow to you like magic!


What is the money matters finance course?

This is an 8 Part Training Course with me, MTB, that will help you acquire the skills & provide you with the tools to:

- Uncover your relationship with money: Repair your past with money, cozy up too the reality of making more of it & take it to the next step!
-Form your Financial Foundation: Get your finances in order to see where you need to make shifts to bring in more money, honey!
- Don’t bet your bottom dollar: Do you know how much your bottom line is? How to lower your bottom line and raise your profits.
- Pay Down Debt’s & Level Up Savings & give it to the Government: You've got debt? You also want to save? How I put $20k into both and still lived a comfortable lifestyle.
- Price your service/product: Not sure where to begin when it comes to pricing? Need to give yourself a raise?
- Determine The Ultimate Goal: What are you working for? Are you confident in your ability to crush goals? I've got some goal hacks for you in this chapter
- Make more in your business today: Selling your product or service can feel like magic
- Shift Your money mindset & Manifest your Dream Life: Live the life you're dreaming about by shifting your mind & let the money flow to you

-PLUS A Bonus! Ask the Experts: Where we chat with multi 6 figure Business Babes about their Money Matters & how they've build their empires from the ground up.

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“Money Matters” Finance course with MTB

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