The MTB BB Scholarship exists to support women building their dream businesses become self sufficient through their talents and passions.

Building your dream business can be taxing. Financially, physically, emotionally. & with the MTB BB Scholarship we aim to give educational & personal development opportunities to those who are doing ALL they can to invest in their future.

MTB Business Babes are serious about their futures, they are building their dream lives & giving back to those around them. Doing their best to BE their best!

10% of every training & course offered by Miss Tara Brooke, along with $5 per MTB BB Monthly Membership & any additional donations will go to the MTB Business Babe fund. This scholarship will be awarded to an active MTB Business Babe quarterly to be used for personal or business development.

We aim to inspire women, no matter their business and life journey to cultivate their talents, passions & run full steam ahead for their dream lives! We hope to continue to inspire the future female founders & support them in their path to greatness.