“5 Weeks to your Dream Life”

Self Coaching Intentional Business Training with MTB


“Why not me?” The question I asked when I saw other people living my dream life. 12 years in the game of building businesses, I was overwhelmed, over worked and D-O-N-E!! As I was approaching my breaking point I discovered a few key things that were holding me back from obtaining the dream I was wishing for. I applied these things to my life and in 3 short months my life completely shifted & now, I am living MY dream life!

HOW?! How did I do it?? I got really clear and intentional about what I was doing & what needed to change! And then I made the change.

So, “why not you?” the question I will ask you now.

What is holding you back from living the dream life you crave? Stop dreaming, babe & start living.


What is the 5 Weeks to Your Dream Life Training?


5 Weeks of Intentional Audio & Video Trainings helping you live your Dream life

  • 4 weeks of focused video & audio trainings with accompanying worksheets to work through each week of the course content. 

  • Weekly texts with supplemental teaching aids for each of the 4 week’s focus’ 

  • Full Access to the MTB Business Babe Resource Library: Intentional guided meditations, software and app video trainings & more!

  • Onee 30 minute one-on-one coaching session focused on creating an action plan for your personal business direction!

  • 24/7 Access to MTB via text for any course questions, constant love & support!


What can I expect to focus on each week?!

  • Week 1 - Find Clarity, Change Your Life: Getting clear about what your Dream looks like!

  • Week 2 - Level Up & Let It Go: Releasing the things that are holding you back from running straight to your Dream Life.

  • Week 3 - Commit to commitment & multiply your productivity: How to build self trust & use your time effectively. Less fussing & more focused productivity!

  • Week 4 - Use YOUR Social Media POWER: Discovering your unique power & applying it to your social media by giving it purpose & intention.

  • Week 5 - Bring it Home with a 30 Minute One-on-One Coaching Session with MTB

How much time do I need to complete the training?

Plan to devote about 30-45 Minutes a week to your training! You determine any additional time for thought & worksheet work you need. Each week will include a video training, audio listening option & worksheets to work through.


What can my expected after training outcome be?

The expected outcome for this course is completely up to you! I will be giving you the tools to change how you are currently living your life and how your current practices are affecting business. Results are based on your willingness to take action and apply the things to your life and business!

The content is tailored to help you gain clarity in the direction of your business, move through what has been holding you back from really GOING FOR IT & creating actionable steps to getting what you want out of your business!


Your Investment

5 Weeks to your Dream Life Business Training with MTB

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It’s honestly so hard to sum up how great this training has been! Not only is MTB’s enthusiasm contagious, but I know this training works because I’ve watched her be transformed by these principles. She walks you through it in an approachable and fun way. She is more than a coach. She’s real and helpful and the girlfriend we all need.
— @Holmescreative

MTB’s layout is great! She really makes you dive deep into each week and makes you pull from the depths to truly find what you want your dream life to look like. I have been slowly imputing what I have learned into my daily life and things are shifting! I can’t wait to continue to build on top of all I have learned and really soar!
— @coffeeandcactivs


If you are ready to start living your DREAM LIFE & stop letting your business RUN your life! Please join me for this 5 week training! You will leave with skills that can bless your business but also your life! Not ready for 5 week’s on intentional training? Join me and the MTB BUSINESS BABES over at the MTB BB Insiders! A $49.99 a month membership that will give you a community of Business Babes & a direct line to me, MTB, for all of your Business Babe needs!