Tan is the new black


24 hours after tan


Enjoy natural bronze even skintone

Summer is quickly approaching and my skin is still white as snow!! To take the edge off the transparency of my skin I have been applying my Self- Tanning Bronzing Coconut Milk from SeneGence weekly!! I have been a spray tan artist for 8 years & have applied SO many of my tanning tips to my self tanning routine!! Check out my fail proof Self Tanning how to's below!!


How to evenly apply your sunless tanner: Gently exfoliate skin in the shower with a scrub or exfoliating gloves. Spray evenly onto clean dry skin. Product comes out clear so make sure to cover all areas of skin! Avoid using lotions directly before and after tan! The color will absorb best into dry skin. Buff/ blend with tanning mitt for even color (I LOVE this mitt here)! Wait 8 hours to shower. Product will deepen in color overtime! 


Will I smell funny? The coconut milk has a light scent that you will notice, but compared to other tanners it is mild and sweet. 

What do I do if I am splotchy or over tan? Using Hand Sanitizer on tanned skin can help remove unwanted color. Gently apply and buff skin with a towel to encourage tan to dissolve. Repeat until tan has been removed (it make take 2-3 application and buffing to remove). You can repeat the tanning instructions above to reapply, or to maintain the color you want be sure to hydrate your skin after hand sanitizer for keep skin healthy. 

How do I keep my tan fresh? keep skin hydrated after your tan to keep it fresh & bright. Avoid scrubbing your skin when showering, this can cause patchy tanning. Avoid chlorine, and hot water, shower in warm not hot water! Hot tubs & hand sanitizer will ZAP your tan away. 

WHY use sunless tanners? UV rays are harmful for the skin for many reasons. Premature skin aging is directly linked to sun exposure, along with skin cancer. Always protect your skin, because it protects YOU every day! Using sunless tanners can make you look and feel like you've been sun bathing without the harmful side affects. 


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