Part time stylist... part time model. lol


Just a girl at the fair casually posing in front of the cotton candy booth!!

Trip 2 to the State Fair this week was for a lifestyle shoot for a brand I style for!! I have been working for this brand for almost 4 years!! This weekend I gathered up my babe friends, my v talented photographer babe husband and a duffle bag full of shoes and headed into the fair.

Let’s talk about the elements that were working against us for this shoot…

1. MASSIVE amounts of humans walking between my models & the camera. DAM people are unaware of what’s happening around them!

2. Major Gusts of HOT wind: blowing hair into faces and dresses to places they shouldn’t be.

Despite these REAL issues ma man candy pulled thru (per usual)!! Here are a few of the little number’s I was able to style. And yes, thats me….I hopped in for a few pictures bc we were a short a model!

These are products from Sweet Salt Clothing’s Fall Line!! Dropping soon!