The Key to Success, uncovered.

Well hot DAMN, it’s been a minute since I have shared my feelings in writing with you here! Like a YEARS worth of minutes!!

SO much has changed in the past year, hell so much has changed in the past 4 months. I have been sharing in many different ways. If you want a recap of the last year, you can pop over to On The Real & listen to my musings there & also peep the Instagrams.

But today, today, I want to bring it back to the basics & share where we are & where I hope to be headed . What I hoped to share with you today, a year after following my heart and stepping away from my “dream” that I finally found the secret to life & business and that I have officially unlocked the key to success! Instead I will share this: There is no “Key to Success.” boooooo. Right?!

Now, let me clarify. What I mean by that is there is no secret successful people are keeping from you or are trying to SELL TO YOU. Myself included. There is no formula for do this & get this. Because the greatest blessing, that often feels like a big fat trial, is that YOU create YOUR success. WHAT?! Earth shattering, I know.

I could go one to list all of the things I have tried to make my life feel “successful”. In that list you would read countless businesses I started and jobs I worked, and clients I accepted thinking they could be the ticket to my life of freedom. Now, MY life of success & freedom will most likely look different from yours, as it should. But I got caught in the TRAP. The trap of following the trend, following the “formula,” do this and get this. Someone else’s formula to success is not your formula to success.

This is the gift & the trial I mentioned right?! To be able to obtain the success you are craving, the freedoms you desire. First and foremost you have to determine what success is. For you. What does success or freedom look like for you? Do you know? Do you see people living a life you want, and you’ve though oh. if i do what THEY do, I can have that life? I HAVE! like holy, shit. I have. And I’ve tried it. and guess what. I still had MY LIFE. WTF?! But I followed the same path, the same formula THEY followed? Why is my desired outcome my life?

Perception. People can sell you courses, and share their secret sauce on social media, through courses and trainings & they can show you “all of the bts” and you could follow their formulas & your result will ALWAYS BE DIFFERENT. Why? Because you are you. THIS IS THE BLESSING, that you deem as your biggest flaw? Tell me I’m wrong. If this is resonating with you then you need to stop looking outward for your success, stop searching for the formula & it’s time to accept & unlock the power you have inside of you.

Are you ready to unlock that power?

I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready until I hit my breaking point. I spent the last 12 years searching for “success”, building businesses of others & trying anything and everything I could to unlock this success, to have the life my peers were living. To create something I hadn’t defined. What was success for me? I never decided. I just kept reaching for something that felt out of reach.

And then, I stopped. I looked at my life and said, “no more.” No more trying to do the things my “successful” peers around me were doing. No more stretching myself too thin for people who didn’t appreciate me. No more living in the shadow that I put myself in. No more denying my power. So what did I do?

I searched for my power, I defined my success. And I stopped looking for something “I didn’t have” & I started looking at what I DID have. And what I found? I had more success, more freedom & more power than I ever knew. I stopped reaching & started appreciating.

I was living a life of scarcity. There was never enough. There was enough time, there is enough money, there is enough success, there is enough freedom. It was already there, waiting for me to acknowledge it. Waiting for me to validate it in the beautiful life I was already living.

If you are waiting for success to show up, or you’re pouring your monies and time into people telling you how to be successful. Please stop. If you see the success that you want, manifested in someone else’s life, remember the life you have you have created. Decide what success looks like for you, look at what you have, not what you’re missing. Be grateful for the opportunity & ability you have to create your success. Look for opportunities to work toward that success with YOUR personal powers, not the power you see in others.

MTB’s formula for success?

Find YOU first.

Define your success next.

Recognize what you’ve already accomplished.

Use your power to create your success.

Keep moving forward. Keep being grateful.

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Tara Brooke