How to get started in your business.

Hey BB!! I am so glad you are here!! If you ae new to business, or maybe needing a refresh this is for youu!!

We are going to chat all about HOW TO GET STARTED today!!

Getting started is sometimes, okay, very often the hardest part. Especially if you are focused on those babies, or that 9-5, and feeling like you don't have the time, energy or the money to go ALL IN!

BUT you have this idea, talent, or passion you're ready to share with the world, the thought just won't leave you. And you know if you do it the right way, you can make money & have the freedom you're craving! RIGHT?!  It's going to be AMAZING! This is IT! You are excited about it, but then life happens, doubts, fears and the uncertainty of it all creeps in right?

I feel you boo! It's scary to share your heart, your ideas & your dream with the world! WHAT IF YOU FAIL?? But what if... you try??

I want to share 4 key things for getting started & making it HAPPEN! If you apply these to your life, I know you can have your dream!


Believe in yourself. Believe that your story, your vision, your mission, your product can and will change the people and lives of those you share it with! Believe it boo.


Discover what you truly want in your life! Get SUPER clear on what it is you want in your life. Not what you think you should want! Does your idea/passion/project/business align with what you want for you life? Will it amplify your dream life or will it hold you back?


Commit to yourself and to your idea! Commit to starting the thing and showing up no matter how scary it feels. No matter what other people will think. Commit.
Your Dream life Depends on it!


TAKE ACTION!! Do not live in the idea stage forever. HI. You're in the idea stage right now, wishing and hoping for the right time. There is no RIGHT TIME. There is only here & now!! Taking the first step is the ticket to getting started! Make the first post, email the manufacturer, hire the babysitter! TAKE ACTION!!

Until next time! Keep livin your dream babe!

xoxo, Tara

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Tara Brooke