How to Grow your Business to Unbelievable Heights

So you wanna GROW that Biz, Babe

Thanks for being here today! Last week I shared the 4 tips to getting started & WOW you were here for it!! Just getting started? You can read that here.

You've committed to your idea & you are taking action!! Proud of you boo!! Now it's time to grow grow grow! But man oh man, where do you start?

As with getting started a LOT of what is keeping you from growing at the pace or the size you want has nothing to do with what you are doing day to day! WHAT?! Shocker. It does however go back to your intention & some key traits you can cultivate in yourself. Yep. You've gotta focus on YOU to have the success and the dream you want to create a killer foundation for your kick ass business! 

She's back sharing 4 personal attributes you should start living with TODAY to grow that dream biz, babe!


Bet you weren't expecting that as your number one! WHY humility? Your pride will kill your business faster than anything else. If you are so concerned about YOU, you will not be able to cater to your community or provide the value of service your consumer is needing. Focus on your consumers needs, not your personal gain. That will result in killer customer service which means killer referrals, and repeat customers! 
Sit down. Be Humble


Can we get a BIG THANK YOU to the Universe for all of the wonderful things provided to us today & everyday?! The energy you exude through gratitude is scientifically proven to improve your mental strength, your sleep, and your psychological health. Sign me up. Not only do you have these benefits, you are able to recognize what you have & appreciate the success you have created rather than holding yourself and business back with the.. "I should's" or " I deserves." Take a moment & take inventory of what you already have & appreciate the life you have today while building the life you dream of! 


Focused productivity is the BEST thing you can do for your life and business. Don't @ me. When you are multi-tasking projects or mom-ing AND working simultaneously your focus is split & you will not have the impact or quality control you need for your growing business. Focusing & finishing the current task at hand with zero distractions will cut your work time & your need to double and triple check your work will disappear!

I have a KILLER tool for productivity you can snag when you sign up for MTB inbox Lovin here.


In this age of social media we are more connected to people who are not physically around us than those who are sitting RIGHT NEXT TO US! Tell me I'm wrong. Making meaningful & true connections with your community are vital to growing your business. Care about & for the people in your reality now & it will build your ability to connect with those in your social community. Remember, it is less about your likes & engagement numbers and more about building relationships that last far past the algorithm. 

What will you implement into your life & business first? Take it one step at a time my babe! & you know I am here for you whenever you need me! You are not alone in this business life alignment journey! I got you boo!

xoxo, Tara

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