How to Succeed in Business & not Burn Out in the Process

The month of June we have been on a serious bizness journey! From getting your idea started, to growing a business that elevates your life!! Now it's time to dive in to how to make that bizness seriously SUCCEED!  

I have 3 tips today that can and WILL give you the success you want in your business without taking the life you dreams away from you! You can have a family and have the business you want! You can be a good wife & be a successful business woman, you can have WHATEVER DREAM YOU WANT! 

But before I share my tips with you.... do you know what  YOUR dream is? Have you thought about what YOUR BEST life looks like? How you spend your time? How much money you make? Your dream life and the dream life of others may look different. And that is OK! Before you can build the life of your dreams... You've got to know what that dream really looks like! Let's LIVE THAT DREAM, Babe! 


To truly succeed in anything you do, you have to determine what success looks like for you! Success CAN mean $$, but maybe it means more focused time with your loved ones, maybe it's a flexible schedule so you can travel... maybe less strussle (stress-hustle) & more chillin the hell out?! Get VERY clear on what success looks like for YOU, so you can work toward YOUR level of success. Not what others would deem successful for you. it's YOUR dream life, and no one else's. k?


Have some SERIOUS confidence in your business, your brand & what you are selling mama! The more confident you are in what you are slingin, the easier it is to share rather than sell! Confidence in yourself, in the purpose of why you are showing up everyday losing sleep & leaving babies with sitters (even when the work feels pointless and that no one cares) will push you in your business leaps & bounds. Be confident in what you do & WHY you do it & success will find you!  


Show up, focus & stay the path! Once you are clear on WHAT & WHY you are sharing... SHARE IT! Show up on social media even when you think no one is listening. Focus on building ONE THING AT A TIME. I can preach this because I am QUEEN of building 4+ brands simultaneously. If you are building everything, you are building NOTHING! Pick one thing, stick to the one thing, at least for a while. Your community/clients/customers want to know what to expect from you! Consistency builds trust. Trust builds community. Communities create BIG ol fans of you & what you're slingin! Stay the course!

You deserve to live your dream life, you CAN have the success you desire! But firast, you’ve got to decide WHAT your Dream Life looks like! If you don’t know what you want… how are you going to attract it!?

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See you soon BB!

xoxo, Tara

Tara Brooke