How creating boundaries in my business gave me freedom in my life.

Ya girl is on vacation. Like legit, no work, no emails, no client calls, no, no, no, no, no nothin for 5 whole days.

I am writing you this email 3 weeks before you receive it. That's what we call batch & content calendar SUCCESS!!

Okay but truly the reason I sat down the 1st of July to write you this email, is because I knew if I pushed it off it would nag at me while on vacation. And MAN, up until this year I have been REALLY bad at vacation. To the point where the only reason I didn't work on my husbands birthday trip was because I packed a dead computer & did NOT pack a power chord.

The feeling of freedom that came from not being able to work during that trip is one of the things that catalyzed my new born ALIGNMENT in life and business! I realized that I was saying yes to everything. Every sponsored offer, every meeting request, every opportunity that would make me money. My world revolved around making money, because that meant freedom. Financial freedom from previous business investments & those pesky medical bills from a BAD Insurance situation.

What I did not see, was that my inability to say no to these opportunities hindered my ability to say yes to the thing that I really wanted. Time with my family. My rationalization: once I pay off that bill, then I will have the time to spend with my people. All the time, life with my people was passing me by.

So, you know what I did? I woke up & I said "no" to EVERYTHING. Like, every damn thing. I kept the commitments I had made up until that point, but any new opportunity was met with my newly created boundaries! Boundaries! WHAT?! I realized the reason I was saying yes to everything is because I was clouded by what I i thought I valued & did not see what I really wanted my life to look like. So, I created boundaries. In my life AND in my business.

If you do not have boundaries you may feel like everyone is taking advantage of you, you are spread too thin, or you have no capacity to give to the things you value most.

So how do you create boundaries?

Here is how I started:

I got very specific about what I wanted my life to look like. How I wanted to feel in my life. How I wanted to spend my time. What my time was worth to me. What my DREAM LIFE looked like.

When I got super clear on that, any opportunity presented to me was given these questions:
"Does this opportunity get me closer to my ultimate goal?"
"Will this opportunity enable me to live the life I dream of?"

I started there. And now with this lens I can decide what to say yes to and what to say no to. But first, I had to decide what I wanted my life to look like today, not when the medical bills were gone.

Our lives are passing us by each and every moment. Do not let your lack of boundaries keep you from living your truest, fullest life.

No one is taking advantage of you. You are allowing them to by not valuing your time, your energy, and your dream life at the level it deserves.
You are spread thin & your capacity is depleted because you have not created clear boundaries & expectations for the people around you, and yourself.

What is the most important thing to you? Are you giving your time, your best, your energy to that? If not? It's time to make the change.

You deserve it.

Bizness Tip Tuesday:

Create some damn boundaries & say "no" when you need to.

I was feeling so strongly about this that I grabbed out my mic & shared an entire Podcast episode ALL about boundaries! I share how I created boundaries in my business life & how it translated to freedom in my personal life!

Listen below, my babe!

Tara Brooke