Align your life. Live Your Dream.

9 months ago I was going through the motions of my life, stress hustling trying to make ends meet, taking care of everyone around me, giving to their needs, building their dreams. One day I stopped and asked myself “is this all this life has for me?” I knew it wasn’t. I knew I wanted a change. I knew, living a life I loved depended on a change. So, I made a change.

I have made some MAJOR big changes in my life over the past decade, from packing up all of my belongings and moving to Utah without knowing a soul, to attending therapy for the first time at age 30, to quitting everything I was doing to make money and saying HELL no to anything that didn't serve my new dream life. A lot of my life I felt like I was waiting for something, when this happens I will be happy, when I have X amount of money I will be comfortable in my life. Forever switching things up, looking for the path to my LIFE! Always waiting for my life to start in a way. 

Well folks, joke was on me. Happiness & comfort were not afforded to me once I crossed a finish line I set for myself. Happiness & comfort are choices each and every day. And my life was ALREADY happening! 

Now, I am sure you are much more with it than me & you recognize that your life has been happening with you in it all this time, but, do you stop & recognize the life you are living each day? Are you capitalizing on each and every moment. If I have learned anything the past 9 months of my MAJOR change, it was that it wasn't some BIG thing I did to get me here, it was daily shifts in my habits & utilizing tools I had acquired, daily, weekly, and monthly. I think I always knew that my big change would come from small steps moving forward each day, but I was too afraid to start. Would I love the person I could become? Will I lose friends if I change? Will people think I am crazy if I tell them I have crystals?! 

CALL ME CRAZY BABY! Because the last 9 months of my life the shifts I have made have healed my heart & soul, have brought me closer to my husband, made me a better mom & as a business woman I have more than doubled my revenue from last year, in the first 6 months of the year.

That my friend is why I created 28 Day's to a Truer You, because, business babe or not, YOU deserve to have a life you love, the capacity to give to yourself AND others, the ability to change the trajectory of your path to one of your dreams! This 28 Day challenge is for the everyday babe, stuck in the day to day, going through the motions, enjoying, but waiting for the next season of her life to happen to have the life she dreams of.

You do not have to wait. You can make the shift now. So join me, and take action TODAY, do not wait for your life to start another day. Because, BB, it's already happening. 

Bizness Tip Tuesday

“Stop waiting for your moment to arrive. Create your moment. Take Action, discover & surrender to your Truest YOU!”

If you're feeling a "HELL YES, CHANGE MY LIFE ALREADY", or even a little, "yeah, that could will help me," please join me for "28 Day's to a Truer You" Alignment Challenge!




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Tara Brooke