It's almost time to celebrate the freedom's we are blessed with in this beautiful country of the United States! Many of us are spending it with friends, family, with hot dogs & watermelon. And others are spending the day in their day-to-day J-O-B. Feeling strapped for time and wishing to be with the one's they love. I hope YOU are celebrating YOUR personal freedom & dream life today!

The freedoms of this country have enabled me to live my personal dream life. To be an entrepreneur & build my business on my terms. So, what even is my dream life like? I was talking to my mom about this today and simply put: my dream is being in complete control of my time & calling the shots for my life...and business.

That's it!

But what that Dream looks like on a day to day is working 15ish focused ours a week on my business & spending the rest of the time with my 2 babies. THAT is my dream. Having the freedom to spend the time I WANT with my people. Doing the things that bring us joy, and on days especially like today, that means sunshine, swimsuits & watermelon. But also having the ability to financially contribute to my family.

Now, I haven't always lived my dream. In fact, I used to be chained to my work, my clients, to their demands & their time tables. It was H-E-L-L-I-S-H & anxiety ridden. Basically, it was the opposite of freedom for me. So how the heck did I take that life of "strussle" (stress-hustle) and turn it into my dream?

I got super specific about what I wanted my life to look like & then every decision I made was in the direction of that life.

That's it!

Do you love how simple I make it sound? Now, now, it wasn't ALL easy. Ya girl is still human. BUT I discovered the formula to figure out EXACTLY how to determine what I wanted & then how to put it into action... and then I got to WERK!

I have taken ALL of the leg work on how to I create a dream life & put it into an easy to apply training, that is here to help you live YOUR DREAM! Does freedom to live your Dream Life sound like something you're ready for?

I am ready to help you get there BB!

If you're feeling a "HELL YES I WANT THAT", or even a little, "yeah, would be a chill life to live" please join me for 5 Weeks to Your Dream Life, Intentional Bizness Training with MTB.

We get SUPER intentional about what you are doing, what's holding you back from REALLY killing it, how to stay focused & get hella productive AND how to use YOUR personal power to grow, Grow, GROW! It's a V GOOOOOD time & I have FOUR, repeat only four 50% off codes for this training available.

Will YOU join me?

See you soon Dream Babe!

Tara Brooke