You deserve the life you're dreaming of.

What up my BB’s!!

I am in full force work mode creating courses, challenges, planning retreats (yeah you heard THAT right) and working & twerking with my one-on-one Mega BB's! I am boiling a few different pots on my bizness stove, if you will. And for the first time in my life this juggling act doesn't feel like everything is going to boil over and catch on fire! 

I am feeling more blessed than ever, clearer in my vision, when the rough shit hits I get up & brush it off easier & I have learned how to say no when I need to. This has been attributed to some serious shift I have made in my life which have directly affected my business. 

Last year at this time I was completely reactive to my business. A day in the life of me looked like: wake up to morning baby noises, roll out of bed, throw on anything I could find, stumble through my morning, like literally stumble over toys, shoes, cracker crumbs. Check phone ever 2 minutes expecting imminent business breakdown, answer client emails while the TV blared PJ Mask and the tiny human beckoned for more string cheese. 

Afterrnoon hits, tiny human naps, immediately baby wakes from nap. Receive an unexpected client phone call with a MAJOR fire to put out, hop off couch frantically & run to a computer that was slower to molasses & fumble to extinguish the fire and hold my anxiety at bay with a crying 2 month old who's bottle has just fallen to the ground in my arms. Cry. Lay down with baby in bed. Feel immediate guilt for resting with a mile long to do list.

Husband gets home from work. Takes children. Cry again. Go to Taco Bell. Spend family time, checking phone, waiting for another fire to appear. Put children to sleep, go back to the slowest computer on the planet, yell at computer for not bein faster. Cry. Complain to husband about how I miss showering daily, alone. Go to bed. Wake up 3 times on the night to feed baby. Sleep. Wake up to sounds of tiny humans. Repeat.

Just remembering that time of life gives me so many feels. It truly seems like another lifetime. Yes, life has gotten easier as my tiny baby is now a big baby & sleeps through the night. But it's not the sleep that has me feeling in control of my life now. It's that I TOOK control of my life. 

I woke up from the life that was happening around me & created one that I wanted to live. But HOW Tara? It was truly easier than you expect.

I decided what I wanted my life to look like and then I moved toward that life. One step at a time.

One of the BIGGEST changes I made in my life was Aligning my Business to my Life. Read that again, I aligned my business to fit the LIFE I wanted to live. Often we are letting our businesses run our lives, and aligning our lives to give to our businesses. But, as someone who lived in that reality before, the switch of aligning my business to work for my life has quite literally changes how I get to live MY Dream Life now. 

Now, I wake up & set the intention of my day. my weeks, my months. I am in no way perfect, but running my life & building my business have become a simultaneous effort. 

What gives to my life gives to my business. What gives to my business benefits my life.

If you do not believe alignment of self will change your business, I dare you to join me for my 28 day challenge & put it to the test! You have 24 hours to register for only $28!

If you follow & apply the tools in the 28 Day's to a Truer You Alignment Challenges & you do NOT feel a shift in yourself, and the potential for your business to follow suit I will personally refund you every dollar you invest into the challenge, all $28! 

Are you up for the challenge? Live the life of your dreams already. 

Bizness Tip Tuesday

Align your business to fit your life. If your business does not elevate your life and it is running your life, take a step back. Align your life & make your business work for you! 


Tara Brooke