Are you effectively utilizing your resources?!

I spend a lot of time thinking about you babes & the valuable tips I can bring to you! Today’s tip, is something that no matter where you are in your business journey, chances are you are not using this business tip to it’s fullest potential! 

Yes we have YouTube, and yes the University of Google is helpful & we are all working toward our graduate degrees in it! If you REALLY think about it I KNOW you can conjure up a list of resources you’re utilizing. But there are 3 resources you may have let slip past you! I’m going to encourage you to utilize these resources to their MAX! AND, I will have an exercise linked to each resources to help you at the end here! 

1. Your people! I bet, right now, today you have a problem or an idea you want to put into action, but maybe you don’t know EXACTLY how to make it happen. I also bet you have a friend, colleague or a friend of a friend who has the tool, talent or knowledge you need to get the job done! 
Your exercise: Make a list of 5 people who have skills that can help you reach your potential in your problem, project or idea! 

2. Your intuition. Yep, YOU! Your inner voice & the pulling of your heart strings! Our bodies & minds are here to help us create! We create, based on our actions and actions all begin with a thought! Listen to your thoughts & create trust in your ability to make it happen by TAKING ACTION on your thoughts & ideas!
Your exercise: Follow through on your thoughts & turn them into actions! If you don't know how to recognize your inner voice? Sit still & quiet & try this meditation.

3. ME! Yep, ME, Miss Tara Brooke! I believe, the reason I’m here on this earth and my mission right now is to help YOU be self sufficient through your talents and passions! I KNOW you can live a Dream life that will give to your business AND your life! I have created a handful of resources for the Busy Business Babe who is ready to take control of her life & LIVE HER DREAM! So, here I am your resource for business, when you’re ready for me! 
Your exercise: Snag one of these resources that help you build your Dream Life! 5 Week's to Your Dream Life TrainingMoney Matters Finance Course28 Day's to Your Truest You Alignment ChallengeOne-on-One Coaching with MTB 

Biz Tip Tuesday:

Recognize & utilize your resources! 

Tara Brooke