Mind over matter, mind over all.

Let's talk about that mind of yours! Is your mind right? Right now? I have spent the last year focusing on my mental. Listening to the voices in my mind, what they are saying, and being aware of the words that are guiding me to actions.

Your mind and your thoughts drive you to action. Action drives your business. So, my question for you today is where is your mind leading you in your business? Are you working your business the way you want? If not, what is stopping you? Chances are, it's a voice in your head. An idea you have created and let control your business trajectory. 

I have lived the last 9 month working to build my Coaching Business. I was taking myself seriously for the first time, in a long time & I was working my business to it's fullest capacity. At least that's what my mind was telling me! My mind was like, "yeah girl, you're doing it." I have settled into my business & things have felt too easy, too fun. I started to wonder what was coming to knock me down. And then nothing came. My mind was preparing for my own demise. It's the way we are wired. Our subconscious wants to protect us from moving past our comfort zone into our Ultimate Potential. But why? Why can't we live our Ultimate Potential? WE CAN! 

About a month ago I shifted my mind into the idea of MY Ultimate Potential. I know what my Ultimate Goals are (I have one for life, and for business). So I looked at what was holding me back & I shifted my mind to ULTIMATE action. These were my conclusions:

The Revelation: I have been treating my business like a hobby because it's our families "extra money" & was expecting it to give me a return of a full time business. 
The Shift: Use my business time productively & treat the business like it's THE MONEY, not the "extra" & show up fully. Believing I can & will be successful, in anything I do. 
The Return:  Attracting my Dream Clients who are taking action in their businesses. I am the guide, I am the teacher, I am running a profitable business. AND having fun without waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Now, I want you to look at your life, your business. What shift can you make in your mind to move your business to the next point of action?! I can not wait to hear about your return! 

Biz Tip Tuesday:

Shift your mind. Use your thoughts to create action in your business. 


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Tara Brooke