How I paid of $20,000 worth of debt in 8 months.

Let’s get serious about Money Matters.

This time last year I was feeling the serious money stresses that living paycheck to paycheck can bring. I had $0 in savings and refused to acknowledge the monthly minimums of debt payments that were keeping me stuck in my financial reality hell.

December of 2019 I woke up to my reality and decided to take control  of my life and my money, honey.

Since January of 2019 my personal savings & debt payoffs are totaling $20,000. As someone who has lived paycheck to paycheck my entire life & savings was “something other people did,” this 5 figure total is bananas to me.

How did I do it?

-I took accountability for my financial reality.
-I took control of my money & learned how to make it work for me!
-I shifted my mind & repaired my relationship with money.
-I put my money where my mouth was and built a business that worked FOR me.

My current financial reality is stress free, includes multiple savings accounts, extra money each month & a projected debt free date of January 2020.

I created my “Money Matters” finance course to provide YOU the tools to change your financial reality! I gathered up the most effective tools & practices have used over the past 8 months to completely redirect my financial situation. You don’t have to stress and hustle to make ends meet. You deserve to live an abundant full life. You are not on this earth to be a slave to your financial situation.

It's time to get into a serious relationship with your money, honey!  Show it you care & let it give to you in ways you never imagined!

MONEY MATTERS is an 8 Part Audio + Worksheet Training Course with me, MTB, that will help you acquire the skills & provide you with the tools to:

Uncover your relationship with moneyRepair your past with money, cozy up too the reality of making more of it & take it to the next step!
-Form your FoundationGet your finances in order to see where you need to make shifts to bring in more money, honey!
Don’t bet your bottom dollarDo you know how much your bottom line is? How to lower your bottom line and raise your profits
Pay Down Debt’s & Level Up Savings & give it to the GovernmentYou've got debt? You also want to save? How I put $20k into both and still lived a comfortable lifestyle.
Price your service/productNot sure where to begin when it comes to pricing? Need to give yourself a raise?
The Ultimate GoalWhat are you working for? Are you confident in your ability to crush goals? I've got some goal hacks for you in this chapter
How to make more in your business todaySelling your product or service can feel like magic
Shift your money mindset & Manifest your Dream LifeLive the life you're dreaming about by shifting your mind & let the money flow to you

Bonus! Ask the Experts: We chat with multi 6 figure Business Babes about their Money Matters & how they've build their empires from the ground up

It includes smart templates from my personal finances that you can personalize and use to organize & streamline your finances! 

Money Matters Finance Course $97

Tara Brooke