Money & Success. Are they always linked?

Let’s talk about money & success, honay!

Now, you may start to feel weird, or think to yourself, it is not good etiquette to talk about money, Tara. And I mean, that’s totally cool if you are put off by talking about money. I was for a long long time too, boo. I had some serious issues with money. Which we can chat about in the future, and we will in the course. But for the sake of this Bizness Tip Tuesday I want you to look at how you feel about money or the idea of money. Do you equate the amount of money you make to your level of success?

What is your initial thought or feelings about money? Are they positive? Do you find yourself saying " I wish I had more." or "how would I even MAKE more?" Maybe you think "If I made X amount of money, THEN I would be successful!"

Those were my thoughts, but holy hell, I was working CONSTANTLY trying to make that money, but how could I work MORE?

Last fall I was in a decent financial place. My income was not consistent, but it was comin in! I was working constantly but not seeing the return I was hoping for. I was spread thin, and scattered. To give you an idea of my income structure I will break down how I was making money & what I brought home in the 4th quarter of last year. Ready?

Hairstyling (in my kitchen): $2482
Sponsored Social Media Posts: $1209
Fashion Styling: $3720
MLM Team Commissions: $594
MLM Product Sales: $765
Client Content Creation: $1900
Total: $10,670

She ended the year STRONG my friends! I will stand here and say that she DID the work (I am the she here) but it didn't feel like THE most because I hadn't made 6 figures in 2018. And I had the mindset at the end of 2018, that if I didn't make 6 figures in the year that I had failed.

Lookin back I am so annoyed at myself for even considering that a measure of success or failure.

I had worked the first 6 months of 2018 trying to save my creative work space and taking ZERO dollars, okay more like negative dollars home & oh yeah, had a baby?

My Q4 income of 2018 was my YEARLY income in 2014. No joke. 10K bring home. For a long time, like up until last years BIG life alignment revelation, my level of success was measured on the amount of money I was bringing home each month. Now don't get me wrong, it is a VERY good factor to consider in business growth. But we aren't talking about business growth here. We are talking about recognizing our successes.

If you are marking your success by the check's you're cashing (do ppl even use checks anymore?!) or the amount of zero's in your bank account. You may be cutting yourself too short. When I decided to measure my success based on my emotional and mental health level, I was able to recognize what my time & money was really worth.

You are worth more than what's in your wallet, or your 401K. mmkay?

Bizness Tip Tuesday:

Recognize your success TODAY & measure your growth by some other means than just the money honey.

Tara Brooke