I hopped onto my instagram stories this morning sharing a look in to the last decade of building my dream. I shared the multiple businesses I started, the professional jobs I have held & when I looked at this list I realized I started my first business at 19 years old in 2006. You know when low rise jeans were all the rage. 


I have come a long way from the girl hand screen printing shirts in my bedroom of my parents house. & WOW so much has happened along the way.

I have learned many skills, acquired knowledge through schooling, training & experience & everything in my "professional life" has lead me to where I currently am in my business journey. 

Often times we are comparing our current reality to someone else's successes in life or business. Without knowing the details of how this "success" came to be. 

What you see: A successful booming business with happy customers & a founder who has it all together. Life & business alignment, beautiful family, happy healthy relationship.

What you don't see: late nights, missed family functions, product failures, major pivots, manufacture issues, relationship stress, recalls, sleepless nights, reevaluations & redirects. 

Wherever you are in your business journey today, even if it's day one. Or hell, maybe you're in concept stage still! The only person you should be comparing your success to is Y-O-U! mmkay?

If you don't like where you are today? Change it! Move toward the success you wish to see in yourself.

Last Fall, after 11 years and countless pivots and shifts in my businesses, I quit everything. I didn't like who I was & I didn't love what I was doing. 

I woke up one day and realized the life I had designed for myself was giving me the opposite result of why I started my businesses. I was spread thin. Conversations with my new husband were laden with frustration & disappointment in myself. When I was with my babies, my mind was focused on the work that was looming. Client texts would send me into immediate anxiety & stress & constant breakdowns. 

So I quit. I followed through with the commitments I had up until that point. But I knew my life had to change. 

Next, I decided what I wanted my life to look like & then I began to move toward that life. Every action serving my dream life. Every choice taking me closer to the reality I WANTED to exist in. 

10 months later. I am living my dream.

⚡️I have 2 successful & profitable businesses that work with and for each other! 
⚡️I have control of my time.
⚡️I spend uninterrupted time with my family.
⚡️Texts from clients are met with a clear open mind & excitement.
⚡️I am only 3k away from my total income from last year with 3 months of the year to go!! 
⚡️I have paid off $20k of debt.
⚡️My family recently met with a lender to start the home buying process.

If you would have told me 8 months ago that my life would look like this, I wouldn't have believed you. I would have been hopeful, but I wouldn't have believed it! Now I can't imagine going back to living the way I did before. I never will. 

I have spent the last 10 months building not only my businesses but myself. They are so compleetely intertwined because this whole thing is LIFE! If your life and business aren't working together & for the same result. You will never feel the alignment you deserve to feel. 

If I can change my life in less than a year, you can too! & I want to help you get there!!

This is now my life & business mission: To Help You Use Your Talents & Passions To Create A Meaningful & Successful Business That Compliments The Life You’ve Been Dreaming Of.

I Do This Through One-On-One Coaching Services That Are Specific To Your Personal Needs. I also do this through providing courses and challenges to lead you to your dream life. 

Today I want to challenge you to take control of your life if you are not 100% satisfied with your current reality.

May I challenge you to invest in yourself & live a life you are completely OBSESSED with?! 


Tara Brooke